On depression

There has been a lot of discussion over the past 24 hours about depression and mental health issues.  Like many who have been discussing it, I have not been immune to depression.

I’ve suffered from depression from an early age and have been on medication since I was 18 and have seen therapists on and off since.  Over the past 3 years I’ve been battling a deeper, darker depression and have had my share of very dark days.

Finally, I recently agreed to look for help; to see a therapist again.  I self-referred through the NHS and there was a fairly lengthy wait period.  I also self-referred myself to see the counsellors at University.   After a few months I finally saw both the NHS and university personnel for intake appointments.  I hadn’t heard anything back after about a month (I know it takes time for these things to work out).  I made a phone call to the NHS office yesterday and found that I had been discharged.  This was a bit alarming, as I hadn’t even had an actual appointment other than the intake!  Today I received a letter stating that they didn’t have any services for me and that I should self-refer to a voluntary service.

While I understand that resources are slim on the NHS, I also was really shocked that I had been fobbed off to a volunteer organisation.  I also had requested to meet with a psychiatrist to deal with some medication issues, and those were not addressed at all.  I am a bit frustrated to say the least.  I don’t blame the NHS; I do partially blame myself for waiting so long to get help for my issues.  I certainly hope I can get a call back so I can have the medication issues addressed and that the university has someone I can speak to soon (they have a waiting list).

So for now, I need to keep on keeping on.  I spend a lot of time cuddling this dear boy.

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I do everything I can to stay present and healthy while I wait to get assistance.

I only hope that with what has happened this week, that more resources are allocated for mental health all over the globe and that people who are suffering have a friend to reach out to and someone they can talk to.


Helpful (to me) things I’ve read:

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