A day in the life (or how not to be a PhD student)

1:20 am- Turn off the Red Sox game on the MLB app and go to sleep.

4:30 am-Wake up to pee.

7:30am-Woken up by a meowing Bailey demanding food.  Feed Bailey and go back to sleep.

10:40am- Wake up on my own and contemplate rolling back over and sleeping more.  Everything hurts right now, so all I want is sleep.  Finally look at the time and realise I could sleep, but decide I want coffee more especially once I’ve looked at my phone and see I have 9 emails from my supervisor.  *eyeroll*

10:50am- Roll out of bed, pee, make a glass of iced coffee from the coffee I made the night before.  Take meds and turn on computer.

11-12:15- Read personal emails, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and my tumblr feed while I drink my coffee.  Chat to Steph.  Pet Bailey.

12:15- Rinally get dressed, gather up laundry and put washing in.

12:25- Make protein shake.

12:30- Get sucked into an online thread (time waster).

12:45-Put on this weeks tv binge watching choice (Being Human UK).  I like the background noise while I avoid work.

12:50- Still reading online LOL thread.

1:50-Read uni emails and re-submit form to the ethics committee for the hundredth time.  Don’t even talk to me about this, I seriously have been dealing with this bullshit since February and I have little patience with it right now.

2:15- Finish piece of writing.

2:30-Realise am starving, make salad w/turkey that Bailey tries to eat.

2:45-Stare at word document for theoretical framework.

3:15-Still staring at document.

4pm- Have written 2 paragraphs that don’t really say much.

4-4:30-Sort of wander around in the flat, not really concentrating much at all.

4:30-Stares at word document.

5:20- Goes to grocery store.

5:55- Eats cherries.

6- Stares at word document.

6:30- Organises desk, tidies flat a bit.

7:30- Dinner.

8-9- Take a walk to Waitrose.

9:30- Gin o’clock.  🙂

10- Give up all pretence of work.

11p-3:30am- Read Mystrade fanfiction and weep my heart out.

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