13 month get myself together plan: Week 1

So, week one of my 13 month get myself together plan is in the books.  Oh, have I not mentioned this?  Basically, I have given myself 13 months to get my shit together.  Because in 13 months, I will be 40 and well, I am not getting any younger.



Anyways, as I was saying, week 1 is done.  A brief roundup, if you will:

  • Lifting days: 3/3
  • Running days: 2/3 (if I run home from the gym today)
  • 10K daily step goal: 7/7 (The last day I was under 10K steps was 17 Aug)
  • Pounds lost: Absolutely buggering fuck all (0)  This is why it’s a 13 month plan and not a 6 month plan
  • Days using MFP: 7
  • Days constantly starving: 7
  • Medical conditions I’ve apparently been cured of: 1  (According to my GP I don’t have PCOS and may have never had it, so I’m really confused about my body right now, but the tests don’t give a reason for further investigation, so IDEK.)
  • Blood test results: perfect as usual

So, go me?


Intellectually I know that I should be focusing on numbers that are not the scale, like lifting numbers and miles run and all that, but TBH, right now those numbers don’t mean jack shit to me.  I had really hoped for a loss because now, I need to lower my calories (again) and if I was already hungry before?


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