Wow, can you believe it?

I biked for 25 minutes and then I began the C25K program I downloaded for my iTouch.  I joined the LJ group as well,  .

The app worked really well, telling me when to walk and run and keeping me focused. 

Now if I could just get some $$, I desperately need some new workout clothes.  My old Red Sox tshirts and old shorts suck and get so sweat laden.  At least I have my new running shoes.  🙂

Not much to say or report.  Been trying to keep an eye on my eating with being on the juice and all.  😉

It’s been hard since most of this week I was in agonizing pain.

I am going to my primary this week and maybe she has some ideas, idk.  

Unfortunately steroids=hunger for me so….

But I cleaned the house today and sweat my ass off. 

Gym tomorrow since I have NO excuse

I’ve had a horrid headache since Sunday and I just feel awful.

I might start counting WW points as opposed to calories since I can count to 24 easier than 1780 during the day in my head.

iced coffee
blueberry muffin

small chicken salad sandwich

small cup of froz. yougurt

No exercise. 

I had a steroid infusion and i hope that works soon b/.c i am in agony and i want to work out so bad but I hurt so much.  

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to post what has been going on w/ my diet and or exercise.

Well not much.

Hopefully this week will be better, I have 2 days off and less work to be doing.  Unfortunately I will be starting a course of steroids which will not be helpful w/ my weight but maybe will get rid of my headaches for a while.

Today has been good so far.  I had some cereal for breakfast and Subway (turkey on wheat, splash of vinegreitte).  I have to go play softball soon so I am sure I will sweat my ass off since it is like 80 and super humid.