Today was way better.  Of course it is hard to find portable, healthy snacks at CVS when one hasn’t been to the store and is running VERY late. (and the fruit vendor fruit looked like it came from a third world country on a slow, slow boat)

I had to go to city hall today so I walked over after work instead of taking the T.   I also had the very last space available on the street so I had to walk a good distance to my car and back today.  I wanted to go to the gym but by the time I got home my head was killing and still is.  Maybe I will get the weights out of my car for later.

I’m also still a little low on the water.  I think I have only had about 60 oz so far today.  It’s hard to drink a lot at work where I only get one break….. I need to do better once I get home.  

I also hope I can make it through the night without snacking.  I don’t have much in the way of food left so, if I do end up snacking it will be a bowl of cereal.  

cut for what I ate today