First, as I’m writing this so late, 2016 can burn.

Second, if you’re actually reading this, you might notice that I’ve got a new layout.  I’m still playing with the colours.

This past week was tough work-wise and running wise. I’m tired. I’m glad it’s a low mileage week.


Sunday: I miss Pilates.

Monday: 2+ miles on the treadmill for something different.

2016-08-29 16.28.20

Tuesday: Mat Pilates.  SO much stretching.  So lovely.

Wednesday: 6 miles.  I felt like this run was the best one of the week.  It was nice out and I felt good. It was gorgeous, warm and sunny out and when it’s that lovely, it’s hard not to enjoy a run.


2016-08-24 11.23.242016-08-29 21.38.09


Thursday: 2 miles, just a quick shakeout run.  I was unsure how this would go, given I’d run 6 the day before.  I felt ok, though.

2016-08-29 16.28.38

Friday: Rest day!  Much needed!

Saturday: 8 miles.  I felt so, so slow at times on this run.  I mean I know I’m slow, but I just felt like I was running through molasses.  It was a nice enough day, so that made it enjoyable.

2016-08-29 16.28.52

I was glad to be done, and I enjoyed my first PSL of the season afterwards!

2016-08-27 16.40.43


8:45 am: Wake up on my own.  Am suitably impressed.  Get up pee, weigh myself, take meds.

9-10 am: Drink coffee, catch up on social media, email, etc.  I need this time to wake up.  And pet Bailey.  He’s a bit whiny and needs me to pet him every day at this time.  It’s nice.  I don’t mind.



(sorry I get excited about baseball)

10-10:30 am: Finish interneting, get dressed (for Pilates later), brush teeth.  Make sure I have my wallet, keys and iPhone and head to Starbucks.

10:30-11 am: Power walk up Byres Road to Marks and Spencer and Starbucks.  I spend more time waiting for the light to change at the corner of University Ave and Byres Road than I do in M&S.  Grab my cold brew at Starbucks (#coldbrew4life) and walk back home.  It starts to rain lightly.  I like this quiet time on Byres Road; after the morning commute and school rush and before it gets packed at lunch time.  Soon it will be packed non-stop once the university students return.

11-11:15 am: Make toast, feed Bailey, move computer to my desk.  Retrieve my notes from last night.

11:15-11:53 am: Organise thoughts and make notes about what I need to write.  Try to think big picture.  Feel very, very tired.

11:53 am:  Oooh the post has come.  I am disappointed.  It’s only my Graze box.

11:58 am: Bailey has a hyper and runs around the flat.

12-12:30 pm: Write.

12:30 pm: Reply to an email.  Get distracted.

1 pm: An increase of 80 words this hour.  I think.  I didn’t write the number I started at, so it’s a guess and I’m not counting the words I’ve added manually.  Trying to make sense of what I am saying.

1:20 pm: Get distracted by my skin and decide to wash my face.  This is why it has taken me 4 years to get this done! When I sit down to focus, I do anything but!

1:30 pm: Try to make sense of these findings and write them as a conclusion without sounding like a pretentious wanker.

2 pm: Net increase of 255 words this past hour.  Must think and write faster.  Need more caffeine!

Get completely distracted and frustrated over trying to explain what I am saying. Beg Steph for lunch.

2:40 pm: Om nom nom pancakes and bacon.

2:50 pm: Ok, now that I’m fed maybe I can get something accomplished.

3 pm: Let’s do this!






Result: +119 words.



4 pm: Discuss some findings with Steph to see if I can make better sense of it in my head.

4:45 pm: Enter my food into MFP to find out if I have enough calories for a snack before Pilates. Eat a frozen yogurt bar.

5 pm: + 24 words for the previous hour. FML.

This hour (5-6) left me with – words as I was doing a significant edit of the section and didn’t need to be repetitive since I was able to say what I had said previously, in a clear manner that made sense.  I’m so tense.  I need Pilates class.

And you can see from the above why I feel like I get nothing accomplished! I’m too easily distracted and lose focus quickly.  I hope I can get back on track tomorrow!

6 pm: Walk to Pilates class.  When I got there I found out that my favourite instructor won’t be teaching for the foreseeable future.  I am so bummed out.  🙁

7-8 pm: Pilates class.  All the stretching.  It felt great and I feel so much taller.

8-9 pm: Walk home from class.  Soon it will be too dark to walk home from class.  This makes me sad.  I enjoy the walk there and back (especially when it isn’t raining!)


9-10 pm: Shower, eat a salad, pet Bailey, create a new running playlist, organise some things. Steph has gone to buy food for dinner.

10-10:30 pm: Eat dinner.  Nom nom nom.

10:30 pm-12 am: Get ready for bed.  Wind down. Contemplate tomorrow which will include a 6 mile run. Good night!



What really happens now is that I listen to the Red Sox until I fall asleep between 12-1 am and then wonder why I can’t wake up at a reasonable hour! 

This week was tough.  I had so much work to get done and I constantly felt behind, no matter how much I did. I did get all three of my runs in, but Thursday I cut it short as I just didn’t have any energy.  Saturday was also shorter than it should have been and I still feel guilty over it, but there’s little that can be done about it now.  This week looks to be the same as I am just about 2 weeks away from submission!

Sunday: Last reformer Pilates class (for the time being, or until I find a new day to attend).  We were worked hard and at some point I managed to pinch something, leading to some pins and needles in my calf all week (it’s just about gone thank Rassilon!). It was very anxiety provoking and gave me a lot of worry thinking that there was something really wrong with me (thanks anxiety!).

Monday: 2 mile run. Quick in and out.

2016-08-21 13.45.16


Tuesday: Mat pilates class and lots of walking.

Wednesday: 6 and change mile run (should have been 7). It was really warm and sunny here for once and I waited as long as I could to get the run in.  I wanted more time off between this run and my long run, so I moved the run to Wednesday.  My biggest problem was fuel; I had ice cream for lunch (it was a nice day, can you blame me?) and I just didn’t have enough energy.  Not to mention running on a numb/tingly calf was causing me such stress. . . I just wanted it over and done with.

2016-08-21 13.45.25

Thursday: Rest day/walk

Friday: Friday was the worst day of the week. I was really stressed out and anxious and did nothing but work for the most part.  I’d rather not repeat such a day.

Saturday: OUT 5 mile run.

This run was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.  When I left for Kelvingrove Park (where the race began) I was worried as it was raining.  I do not like to be wet when running.  I will avoid it at all costs.  I have serious texture issues and I cannot handle the feeling of wet socks or clothing touching my skin.  I know it sounds weird, but it is very bothersome, so I just avoid situations where it would happen.  Luckily, the rain stopped right before the race began, and it was fine.


2016-08-20 09.37.04

I was also a bit apprehensive about this run as it was in Kelvingrove and that’s where the Women’s 10K was where I got injured.  I still was unsure what the cause of that was but I am leading to heat + hills.  I only had to worry about the hills on Saturday.  I was very careful when it came to the hills, especially going down.  I think the last time I just flew down them and wasn’t really ready for that.  This time I made sure I approached them cautiously and much slower.  I felt confident along the route, one I hadn’t gone along in some time.  I used to run this route a lot before I started along the river quay and forgot how quiet and peaceful it is. I wanted to finish in under an hour and would have (based on chip time, as I did run the 5 miles in under an hour according to my Fitbit) had it not been for the hills that mile 4 started off with.  It was uphill for what seemed FOR EVER.  I had to walk it as there was no way I was going to attempt running them; I probably would have been slower.

2016-08-21 13.45.37

I was supposed to run an additional 3 miles afterwards, but my knee was feeling really achy, so I played it cautiously and just made up the distance by walking to get some things done before I settled down to work.

It was a pretty stressful week and I am sure the next 2 weeks won’t be any less stressful.  I look forward to finishing this thesis!

Last week seemed to be a terribly long week and I was quite busy working on my thesis for the majority of the time.  If I wasn’t on a run, I was sitting in front of my computer.  I had grand ideas of getting so much more accomplished fitness wise, but until I submit, I honestly have to focus on the thesis.

Sunday: Reformer Pilates class and walking through what felt like a hurricane.  The wind last Sunday was absolutely insane!

Monday: 2+ miles.  It was still windy and I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath on the way back.

2016-08-15 16.09.21


Tuesday: Pilates class was cancelled, so I went to the library and was there pretty much all day.

Wednesday: See Tuesday.

Thursday: In hindsight, I should have sucked it up and run outside.  It was threatening rain (and never really rained until I was done) so I decided I should actually use my gym membership and ran 6 miles on the treadmill.  I used to love the treadmill.  Now that I’ve become more accustomed to running outside, I felt like every minute was torture.  It also didn’t help that I managed to end up with a ridiculously tight calf in the end.

2016-08-15 16.08.08


Friday: I took a little me time and had my hair done.  🙂

Saturday: 7 miles.  It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I spent a lot of time on Friday stretching, so by Saturday morning I was feeling cautious but optimistic.  I wasn’t sure how my calf was going to fare, so I decided to run my 5k loop twice and add a bit in somewhere for the missing mile.  After the first loop, I was feeling ok, so I could have just continued along, but I didn’t want to get stuck somewhere if I ended up not feeling right, so after the second loop, I extended it out a bit, and then ran the 2 miles back.  This meant running into a headwind twice (not as bad as last Sunday or Monday at least), which was annoying, but there wasn’t much I could do about it.  I felt ok afterwards, but I think I need to work on my post-run nutrition, as I waited a bit too long to fuel post-run.

2016-08-15 16.07.55


This coming (current) week is filled with even more writing!  I also may need to think about changing my schedule as the Pilates class I take on Sunday is no longer in existence (for the time being, I hope), so in order to fit in reformer class, I may need to jiggle things around.  I’m not worrying about that right now, as I have to get the edits I’m working on done!

I feel like this week was another “lost week.”  I was overall very unproductive and towards the end of the week I was really not feeling well.  Yesterday I just felt overall miserable and it took a dedicated effort to get my steps in at all.  I’m feeling much better today and I have no idea what it was, but I’m assuming it was some sort of random 24-48 hour virus as Steph wasn’t feeling well either.  Hopefully, this was just random and won’t be reoccurring.

Sunday: Pilates was cancelled so I did a fair bit of walking instead.

Monday: The longest run of the week.  I was feeling ok for this run, but it was warmer out than I thought!

2016-08-06 21.09.41

Tuesday: Mat pilates class.  I didn’t feel like I had gotten much out of the class until I woke up Wednesday and my abs were killing!

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: This was the day I started really feeling unwell.  I worked at the library but struggled to focus.  I felt out of it and light headed.  I wasn’t going to run- I was going to push it off until Friday (glad I didn’t!) and made myself go out once we got home.  It was ok, but it wasn’t great by any means.

2016-08-06 21.08.32


Friday: I barely moved from the couch/my bed except to try to get my steps and going briefly to the store.  Ugh.

Saturday: I felt so much better today.  I went out and ran and then went for a walk later in the afternoon.  The run was kind of frustrating as there were people everywhere along the running/cycling path and they were NOT paying attention to their surroundings or their children and I had to do a fair bit of dodging and slowing to a walk to avoid people.

2016-08-06 21.08.46

I’m really glad this week was a back off/taper kind of week given how I was feeling for most of it.  I certainly hope that I’m still feeling normal come next Thursday as there is a 6 mile run scheduled!  Hopefully all the future runs continue to improve and that my ability to focus and get work done also improves! Not much longer until submission!